PI Nieuwersluis

The prison where it all started for Stripes Clothing. Nieuwersluis was built under patronage of King Willem III. Before it was turned into a prison in 1896, it was a school for pupils of military personnel who were stationed in the Dutch-Indies.

PI Wolvenplein

Built in 1856 Wolvenplein is the oldest correctional facility in the Netherlands. Located in the heart of the historical centre of Utrecht it is a true city prison.

PI Breda – De Koepel

Breda is one of the two dome-prisons in the Netherlands and built in 1886. It has place for 450 prisoners. Breda has the most female prisoners in the Netherlands and is best known as the prison where convicted World War II collaborators were held captive. Breda will be closed soon due to the aged structure of the dome.


One of the biggest correctional facilities in Belgium. Build in 1991 it has place for 748 men and women. Brugge is famous for the prison escape with a helicopter in 2009 and for the fine quality of cut and sew items.

Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution

Build in 1985 Oregon is one of the thirteen state prisons in the USA. It holds place for 1600 prisoners and is known for their own denim line ‘Prison Blues.’ Due to the popularity and effectiveness of the Prison Blues Programme there is a long waiting list for prisoners who want to join in.

Prison Moulins

Moulins is open from 1983 and built next to the industrial area of d’Yzeure. This facility is built on 17 hectares (42 acres) and consists of a central prison and a house of arrest.