It all began in 2012, not long after we started our brand of prison made streetwear.
The prisons we work with have the experience in making garments but when we asked if it was possible to make a five panel cap it was a different story.

Developing skills is one of the core values of Stripes Clothing and that is why we enjoy working with inmates. We arranged all parts needed to produce a cap and after some weeks we received our first sample from Nieuwersluis.

This blue cap isn't the most beautiful cap in the world but we sure cherish it.
The cap is the first step in a, what would be, long process into developing the world's first five panel cap made in prison. We dealt with the first setback after we were told the tools needed to perfectly cut the visor weren't available in Nieuwersluis.

So we were back at square one, searching abroad for the finest prison workshops to produce the cap. We sent out many samples across Europe and waited for some

months. Then we got a fine sample from London in March 2013. We were stoked about the quality of the first sample, things were looking brighter until another setback occurred. Due to an internal policy change the production was halted and eventually stopped.

So here we were, almost a year after the first plans and many samples later, ready for another fresh unwanted start in making the five panel.

And then by coincidence we heard that one of the French prisons: Moulins had the right tools to make the product. Not long after our contact we got the first sample and many samples later we were ready to produce the first batch. Last week we got the package containing nine five panels caps made in prison. We love it and you'll love it too.

We want to thank all the people involved for their hard labour, in particular the French who surely have made some prison made haute couture.